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Coughs and colds - How to stay well during cold and flu season. Harrison Ford - "Acting is my job. Flying planes is what I do for fun". What's your tipple? Things you should know about alcohol. Xmas survival - Advice from our pharmacy experts. Win a winter health hamper.

Low-fat chocolate fudge cake

As well as being lower in fat, this recipe from the California Prune Board uses puréed prunes to replace some of the sugar (drain and blend tinned prunes in fruit juice). Make it even healthier by not making any icing and instead serving with a dollop of low-fat natural yoghurt.

Cooking with diabetes

Diabetes Week is taking place from June 14-­‐20 this year, so to celebrate here are some delicious recipes compiled by Diabetes UK that are suitable for all the family

Festive feast

Buck the weight gain trend this Christmas with these waist-friendly festive recipes and food swap ideas